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About Connie Machan Professional Doula

About information is usually quite boring. If you read on you'll see how starting in America, I traveled to, lived and taught in Africa, came back to America to teach, married, traveled to, lived and taught in Austria and landed in Ireland where I had my first child (see Connie Machan Mother of 3 to the right) became a nurse dreaming of being a Certified Nurse Midwife and ended up in life and death situations as Coronary Care RN and RN Case Manager in a heart and lung transplant unit, and have now finally become a Childbirth International trained Doula. If this sounds interesting, please read on ...

Eventually as my children grew, I became involved in assisting a Midwife with Lamaze Classes and during that time helped a friend have two of her babies naturally with a Midwife in a Birthing Center.

Those experiences headed me to Nursing School with dreams of becoming a Nurse Midwife. Circumstances redirected the arc of my career and after Nursing School a position was created for me, so I ended up in Coronary Care and loved that.

In Coronary I felt quite comfortable and I was even drawn to its intense moments. Finally, after twenty years of bedside nursing, mostly working night shifts, I transitioned into Case Management at Huron Rd Hospital. When that hospital closed I was welcomed into Case Management at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. There I worked with heart and lung transplant patients and on the VIP floor. Again, I was involved in the intensity of life challenging situations .

From Coronary Care into Case Management I was able to maintain a level head and when necessary "dig deep" to figure out quick plans and implement them as creative answers.

A year before I retired from the Cleveland Clinic, my own daughter's pregnancy brought me back to my love of the whole pregnancy continuum. So, after retiring from 29 years as a nurse, I researched all the resources available to me and began studying with Childbirth International to become a Certified Doula.

I believe every woman deserves the comfort, encouragement and support of a Doula for her birthing experience. I know it will give you memories of your own strength, and newfound pride in yourself as a mother!

The Birth Teams I join become Oxytocin* Generators* (see below)

Oxytocin a natural hormone you create enhances your contractions ... Oxytocin is the Bliss Hormone!

About Connie Machan Mother of 3

I have three wonderful children and two grandsons and four granddaughters, as well as two step grandsons to whom I'm also Nana.

This is my first born Joshua, his wife Rita and their identical twin daughters Olivia and Ella... Below are the names of all of my eight grandchildren.

My first birth was my son Joshua. His delivery was far from one assisted by a caring Doula. It was by an emergency forceps delivery in Dublin, Ireland. My first birth taught me all the things that I would not want in the future. What I had was a time managed, unsupportive, unattentive labor punctuated by pain medicine I didn't request. That was followed by judgemental, non-nurturing care and the scary delivery of a stillborn son who had to be resuscitated! Yes, I knew what wouldn't happen if I had more children.

I was determined I would have the natural childbirth I had hoped for with future babies and I had two lovely natural births with both my daughters. These left me in awe of my own body. My husband and I had the shared joy of watching our daughters come gently into the world. Then, as with my son, I choose to breastfeed my daughters. My three children had from 9-19 months of breastfeeding, and I would add that I loved every minute of that experience!

I hope I can look forward to seeing your baby(s) come into the world enfolded in the best and most loving environment that you choose and I can support.

If you choose a hospital with birth tubs, I'll be there by your side!

I am there for you!